Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Amber: So, on Friday at school, they painted my foot pink and made me step on paper. What was that about?

Chloe: They did the same to me. Except I had to have my hand painted, too. I'm older.

Amber: Yeah. Rite of passage. What was it for, though?

Chloe (smugly): Well, BECAUSE I'm older, I know what it was for. Do you want me to tell you or are you going to keep up the 'tude?

Amber: In all honesty? Both.

Chloe: You're a pill. Anyway. The stamping was for the cards for Mommy. It's Mother's Day and it's nice to do something nice for Mommy on Mother's Day. So our teachers helped us make cards. Mommy said they made her so happy and she's going to keep them forever.

Amber: Oh, that is really nice. I'm glad all that tickling was heading somewhere good. You're right. It IS nice to do something nice for Mommy.

Chloe: Did you say I was RIGHT?

Amber: Don't get used to it.

Chloe: We celebrate other people on Mother's Day, too. Of course, we had brunch with Mom-Mom. She's Daddy's Mommy and our Grandmother.

Amber: I know who she is!

Chloe: Ok, who else did we celebrate?

Amber: I was asleep a lot.

Chloe: Yeah. We also sent presents and a card to Grams. I called her, too. She's Mommy's Mommy and our other Grandmother.

Amber: I know who Grams is!

Chloe: Sigh. Ok, Amber! You're smart. You're the smartest baby that ever lived. We're all in awe of you every day.

Amber (happily): I know.

Chloe: Then you should also know that we called and sent cards to Aunt JoJo and to Aunt Diane, our Godmother.

Amber: I was just about to say that.

Chloe: I'm sure you were.

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