Saturday, May 28, 2011

The First Shore Weekend of 2011!

Chloe: I love going to the shore! So much to do and see and eat and everything! One of my favorite things is to go to the Cape May Zoo - I was so glad that Grams wanted to take us.

Chloe: Oh, don't be that way - it's fun!

Amber: Isn't this supposed to be MY blessing weekend?

Chloe: You get a DAY, Amber. Not an entire weekend.

Amber: I wish I had been born first.

Amber: But then, I'd probably be the one doing this. Snort!

Chloe: Ah, the zoo was fun, but I was most excited to get to the beach! Aunt Diane and I love the beach!

Amber: I like cuddling better. At least this year.

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grams said...

Hey Chloe and was my pleasure to take you BOTH to the zoo and to cuddle! xoxox