Friday, April 17, 2009

Baby Got... Inappropriate Lyrics

So, remember the episode of Friends when Rachel was scandalized by Ross singing Baby Got Back to Emma to make her smile? Well, my theory is that babies really do like this tune because when that new BK commercial for SpongeBob came on, Chloe laughed. Clearly, I'm not going to sing about a lewd guy who gets "sprung" to my child, so in true Singing Mommy style, I made up my own lyrics:

I like
Chloe Jean
and I cannot lie.
You other brothers can't deny
that when a baby walks in
with an itty bitty nose and round cheeks* in your face, you get

She loves it; my husband thinks I'm nuts = all is right with the world.

*I mean FACIAL cheeks, you sickos.

Off topic: here's a shot from my cellphone of Chloe in the office yesterday:

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