Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Mommy Gets 34 Minutes on the Naughty Step

So, yesterday, I was rushing to get home and threw the diaper bag over one shoulder and bent down to pick up Chloe and my cell phone came flying out of the bag, over my other shoulder and bonked her on the head. IT WAS HORRIFIC. She wailed the same "oh my God, I'm in pain, what is happening, oh my GOD" scream that she wailed when she got her vaccinations. IT WAS HORRIFIC. So, I tried to call the pediatrician to find out what to do with my beautiful baby and her black and blue goose egg and no one answered so I figured, "the pediatrician's office is right around the corner from my office, we're going!" and off we went like the freakin' tasmanian devil and as soon as the elevator door opened in front of me, I realized "I'm about to be THAT Mom. That lunatic who overreacts. I'm about to be her." And so, I rushed forward, embraced my fate and began babbling like a lunatic. The receptionist said "so you don't have an appointment?" NO, I DON'T AS I'VE JUST BONKED MY KID ON THE HEAD. JUST NOW. 5 MINUTES AGO. NO APPOINTMENT. So, she got some nurses to come out and look at her and Chloe smiled at them and giggled and blew bubbles and proved that yes, indeed, I AM that crazy overreacting Mom.

And when you are bad, Super Nanny makes you sit on the naughty step for the number of minutes that matches your age. So, I earned 34 minutes.

Seriously, thank God she was ok. I know - bumps on the head happen... but until yesterday, they hadn't happened to MY kid. I spent much of the evening just staring at her. Ed kept saying that it was an accident and not to worry and I know he's right, but of all the things I am, my favorite is being Chloe's Mom... and yesterday, I really put myself out of the running for Mom of the Year.


KeachyMama said...

Oh my god, Blonde Lady, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Despite my being a natural klutz, Ted's the one who let Aidan roll off the bed. I'm the one who freaks out and is convinced he's sick all the time. Like Sunday when he refused all food and beverage for almost 6 hours and I became a raving lunatic, snapping at everyone because I was convinced something was wrong. Uh-huh. Sure - my 22lb 9-month-old is going to starve to death in 6 hours, 2 of which were nap. I'm right there with you, sistah.

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...


We are a mess!

Di said...

I just wanted to say that the picture of your darling baby on Twopeas is adorable.

And, when you have an infant come on, really!! There is NO such thing as overreacting.

Have a blessed day!

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

thank you!

Anonymous said...

Sorry I laughed..but only because I know that feeling of panic...and the guilt of being the one to cause baby's first boo boo! Barbara

Anonymous said...

Wait 'til your kid runs headlong into the sharp edge of a bookcase--and she will--and needs stitches. These are the things that strengthen one's character but only after tears. Yours.