Sunday, April 19, 2009

Chloe Post: Hi, Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop

The Blonde Lady and Brown Man took me to visit Mom-Mom and Pop-Pop tonight and we had such a good time! They were eating a dinner that smelled really yummy, but they wouldn't let me have any. :(

That's ok, I had a lot of fun anyway. My favorite parts were snuggling with Mom-Mom and taking a nap and watching the Sixers game with Pop-Pop. He is the tallest person ever! Mommy says that next to him I look even tinier than I really am.

We visited for a long time and they said that they are looking forward to seeing me at my christening in Sea Isle City. All of my big people will be there - I can't wait!!

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Anonymous said...

Hey! Happy pretty-much-1 year pregnancy anniversary! This time last year, you were...uh...nevermind.

this is sweda, btw. i hate having to fill out the login name, etc.