Monday, April 6, 2009

Chloe Post: Ladies Lunching

Last week, Mommy took me to the Springfield Mall for lunch and shopping with my Great Aunt Joanne and second cousins, Samantha and Patti Anne. Everybody gave me really nice presents and lots of kisses. Sam fed me a bottle and held me a lot since it was the first time she met me! When I was riding in my stroller, Aunt Joanne wouldn't let Mommy push it because she wanted to take care of me! We had such a nice day together - Mommy couldn't believe how fast the day went. Mommy and I will miss these little outings when she goes back to work, so we have to enjoy them now. After we left Springfield, Mommy and I went to Target where we accidentally stole an air purifier for Daddy. But, Mommy says that's a story for another day.

A note from Mommy: Ed and I can't believe how fast Chloe is changing every day. We've had two exciting milestones this weekend. The first came when we got her mobile set up on her bassinet. She is utterly captivated by the moving animals and likes to "talk" to them as they rotate around her head. The second came yesterday when we went to the little pub on the corner for an early dinner. Ed fed her a bottle and then put her down in the stroller with a pacifier. At some point we looked over and realized that she was spitting out the paci and then using both hands to shove it back in her mouth. Sometimes, she wouldn't remember to let go and would pull it right back out again. Sometimes, she had it completely set. She did it over and over and over again, practicing. She was completely oblivious to us watching her and cheering her on.

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