Monday, June 15, 2009

Chloe Post: I am SO busy!!

Mommy says that I am like the Visa card - I'm "everywhere you want to be." It's hard work being the bell of the ball all of the time, but I am more than up to the task...

Here I am in North East, MD at the Foundation Golf Tournament a couple of weeks ago:

As a sponsor (sometimes I borrow Mommy's credit card), I'm pleased to tell you that the Foundation raised almost $8K at the event! Uncle John was a sponsor, too, and I cheered him on during the putting contest.

On Saturday, I was AGAIN helping Mommy raise money for the Foundation. She and Aunt Mel planned the Sapphire Sunset event to raise money for a scholarship and they raised more than $1200!

Then yesterday, Mommy and I went to Flag Fest at the Betsy Ross House. Aunt Jennifer was a vendor, so we went to support her. Mommy said I looked very patriotic in my outfit and Betsy liked it, too:

Whew - what a busy weekend! Mommy and I went home and had a relaxing evening while Daddy went to the office for a bit. We played the game where Mommy kisses my tummy and says "belly, belly, BELLY... BUTTON!" I love that game! Mommy is silly.

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