Monday, June 25, 2012

New Dresses!

 Amber: Like we said last time, we got a bunch of new dresses last week at the beach.  

Chloe: Yup.  Mommy got us these red dresses.  I picked out the flag dress for myself and she got Elmo for you.

Amber: I simply adore Elmo.  He has such je ne sais quoi.

Chloe (stares): Sure.

Amber (nods, smiles).

 Chloe: Anyway, Aunt Diane also bought us each TWO new dresses!  We got a set that coordinates in hot pink and another set that coordinates in peach.

 Amber: Mommy said the other set is too fancy to wear to school, but she said we could wear these.  I am so happy!

 Chloe: Yeah, these outfits are rockin'.

Amber: I look freakin' hot with this bow.  Look out, sister, the Kit-Kat is coming to steal your crown. Oh, yeah, Princess.  BRING IT.  BRING IT.

Chloe: Dresses bring out an alarming side of you.

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