Friday, June 22, 2012

The Beach!

 Chloe: We had a great time last weekend at the beach with Mommy, Daddy, Aunt Diane and Uncle John!

Amber: We really did - I can't wait to go back!

 Amber: I'm going to eat more sand when no one is looking!

Chloe: Rebel.

Amber: I know.

 Chloe: We were lucky to go when we did because it was Skimmer Weekend in Sea Isle City.  They had cool inflatables for kids, lots of vendors (i.e. lots of new dresses) and a lot of neat stuff.

 Chloe: I made a sand sculpture dinosaur, "T-Rex Chloe."

 Amber: I liked wearing Mommy's sunglasses and dancing to the band.

 Amber: It was so much fun that I even fell asleep in the wagon!

 Chloe: We cleaned up and then spent some time on Aunt Diane's new deck. Daddy read us a Superman comic and then after dinner, we had to go to bed...

Amber:...So we could have more fun on Father's Day - we went out for breakfast, saw classic cars on the promenade, went to the arcade and played on the playground.

Chloe: So fun - I can't wait to go back!

Amber: Hey, off-topic, but did you hear that Mommy wrote a book about us?

Chloe: Yeah - she had better buy us some toys with the royalties.

Amber: That, or send us to college.

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