Monday, June 18, 2012

The Spring Show

 Chloe: So, last week was the spring show at school and neither of us apparently felt like singing.

Amber: I found the whole thing pedantic.

 Chloe: Well, I am a little disappointed in myself.  I was all ready, knew the song, knew the moves... and then I froze when I saw all those people.

Amber: Well, the whole thing makes no sense.  They tell our mother to come to the show and then there she is, but they expect me to not want to sit with her?  What was she doing there then?

Chloe: She was there to hear us sing.

Amber: She was probably disappointed then, that she just got pictures of us standing still.  I mean, we could have done that at home and she could have been on time to work.

Chloe: She's never on time to work.

Amber: You know what I mean.

 Chloe: Yeah.  The snacks were good, though.

Amber: Definitely the best part.

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