Sunday, May 24, 2009

Chloe Post: I am a Big Girl

I am getting so big! I am not a little baby anymore and shouldn't be treated as such! I don't want to lie down in the boppy and I don't want to be strapped in to the bouncy seat. I want to stand up! It's true that I need assistance, but I truly do not understand how Mommy and Daddy's arms can get so tired so quickly. They are REALLY big. And I'm the one who will take care of them when they are old and THEY need diapers! They should do me this service without complaint.

I like it when one of them stands me up and says "Who's a big girl? Who is?" I AM.

But apparently, Mommy and Daddy are NOT strong enough to keep me upright as often as I would like. So, Mommy got me this cool Bumbo seat to hang out in. She even got the extra tray so I can play with my toys on my own without them hanging over me every second with bated breath.

Also, Mommy says that Pooh Bears are not for eating... to which I say, "Have you tried it, Mommy? Don't judge me."

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Anonymous said...

This baby is simply brilliant...the command of the English language is remarkable! (if you can't figure it out this is Grams)