Tuesday, May 12, 2009

NAEYC Accreditation be Damned

So, I called the day care to confirm Chloe's start for next week and they said "Oh, you've been talking to Kia, right? Yeah, we had to fire her because she kept promising spots that aren't there."

Uh, huh. I had been talking to Kia, all right.

Lies Told by Kia:
1) "You are third on the waiting list" (more like 9th)
2) "We will definitely have a spot for you in mid-May" (more like August)
3) "I will take care of you" (YEAH, RIGHT)

I started to go a little crazy in my head and my mother, vengeful little devil that she is, thinks I should call the NAEYC people and report them. But, who has time? I have to find a new day care! Forget about the city, yo. Everyone has a year-long waiting list. I found one in Lansdowne that has openings NOW. Chloe and I will visit them WAY early in the morning on Thursday and as long as no one is shooting up or giving children tattoos, she will be going to school there.

Because Mommy can't hang.

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