Monday, May 18, 2009

Chloe's First Day at Day Care - a Recap

Right before we left this morning:

When I arrived to pick her up:

Everything in between:

As you can see, when I got there, she was completely tuckered out. Miss Stella showed me pictures she had taken of Chloe throughout the day and she was smiling a huge smile in every single one! She was doing tummy time and reaching for the laminated flowers and leaves Miss Stella had on the floor for spring. She was in a boppy to rest. She was playing with Darius and Xavier and having a good time. Miss Stella even got her to do hand and foot prints and promised to add one of the photos and laminate it for me so that I will always have the memory of her first day of school.

Now, she and Daddy are passed out on the couch together.
And Mommy can exhale.

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