Monday, May 18, 2009

Chloe's First Day of Day Care - the Mid-Day Check Up Call

I called a little bit ago to check in and spoke to Miss Keshia, the director, who assured me that Chloe is adorable (which of course, I knew, but it confirms that she's a smart woman) and that she's doing well. Without me having to ask, she said, "but, let me put you on with Miss Stella."

She confirmed that Chloe is doing very well and is "very social." Of course, I knew this as well! She said that Chloe was "talking" a lot and smiling at everyone and having a lot of fun... this confirmed what Ed and I were seeing: she really needs to be in an environment where she can be engaged fully. She is no longer the little baby we brought home from the hospital and although I miss her dreadfully, I am happy knowing that she's having more fun than she had in my office. I'm bummed that I'm not having the fun with her, but that's ok (for right now - I reserve the right to freak out in five minutes when my mood changes).

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