Thursday, May 7, 2009

Is Anyone Else This Tired?

Today was a really rough day of being a working mom. I called a friend for support and what she basically told me was this: "It will always be tough and there will always be people who don't get it. The good news is that you know you're capable and you know you're doing a good job... and that's the voice you have to listen to."

I guess the lesson is to try to let that voice be the loudest one and not allow a situation to convince me otherwise.

And that's what I'm going to repeat over and over and over again until I believe it's true... because this is a day where I don't.


Lynne Garner said...

Heather - this is from 20+ years ago, but I remember hating it when people would say "sleep? it's overrated." By the way, they usually weren't new moms! Being tired is really hard, but you'll get through it.

When someone asks what you want for your birthday or another holiday, say "a nap!" and get them to make it happen.

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Good idea! I'd also like them to go to the grocery store for me... think that's asking too much? LOL