Thursday, May 14, 2009

So, definitely no shooting up or tattoos...

...As it turned out to be a Christian-based school... to which I say, "Praise the Lord, they have an open spot!"

Seriously, the school was small but nice and Chloe will be one of three babies in the infant room. We took a tour and all of the teachers and big kids were enamored with her since she will be the littlest in the school. I left her with Miss Stella, the infant teacher, while I was filling out paper work and when I came to get her, she was happy as the proverbial clam. Miss Stella was holding her on her lap with the two other kids gathered around them while she read a book. Chloe was holding the book and trying to turn the pages. I called to her and she didn't even look over, she was so invested in the plot, I guess. When Miss Stella brought her over, Chloe sort of looked at me like "Oh, hey. Are you sure we have to go now? I'm kind of busy."

Which is good - it means that Monday will be traumatic for me, but not her.

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