Monday, June 29, 2009

Chloe Post: I am BACK from the beach!

I had so much fun this weekend with Mommy! We went to visit Aunt Diane and Uncle John and I went in the ocean! It was so cool! I didn't really understand why the water would come in and then it would leave again, but I liked it a lot.

Well, I liked it until a wave caught me in the face! I didn't like that at all!

Mommy said that I had to be careful in the sun, so she got me a little tent for me to play in and take naps. She said it has SPF stuff. I don't know what that means. Aunt Diane also put up an umbrella for me so I could sit out and watch everyone. She and Mommy and Uncle John like to read at the beach. I do, too. I "read" one of my favorite books.

I love the beach!

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Anonymous said...

Hey there Chloe.......Grams your pix from Sea Isle it looks like you had a wonderful time....did you get some seashells?