Monday, June 1, 2009

Chloe Post: Livin' Large in the Muppet Mobile

Yeah, I'm on the move!! You remember, faithful readers, how much I like to stand up? Well, Daddy adjusted the height on Mommy's Freepeats find and now it's perfect! Saturday night, I chased Daddy all through the living room and kitchen. Daddy can't escape me! I have discovered something marvelous - at the bottom of my legs are these two little things, not unlike my hands, actually. These new things are not good to chew on because it's hard to reach them, so I will keep my hands for that. But they are great for getting me where I need to be! Mommy says they are my feet and I now wonder... have they been here this whole time?

Anyway, I love this Muppet Mobile. I like to be intimately involved in what Mommy and Daddy are doing and this allows me full access. Mommy and I can watch baseball and TV shows, but Daddy and I prefer Ken Burns' documentaries:

Mommy kept scooting me back from the screen, but come on! This is war!!

At one point in the evening, Mommy noticed that I was getting sleepy, so she tried to put me in my bassinet with Pooh and my paci. I cried until she put me back in my walker. That will teach Mommy! Although, I guess she wasn't far off...


Anonymous said...

Well Chloe dear you can combine your love of baseball and Ken Burns documentaries by watching his documentary "Baseball"....your early love of history makes Grams so happy!

Anonymous said...

Chloe,dear please tell the blond lady to update your obviously enjoy history movies!
Kisses to you from Grams