Friday, June 26, 2009

It was a bad day for Mommy's childhood idols...

I had prepared myself for Farrah (although I still think it's so very sad - I liked her very much in her interviews over the years), but Michael, too?

I don't know what he did or did not do, but I would guess that anyone who had been denied a childhood by a physically and emotionally abusive parent and was forced into the limelight before he had a chance to develop and learn who he was, could spend the rest of his life constantly trying to relive his lost childhood and constantly trying on various masks to see which one fit the best.

He became a performer at the age of 5 and began working for a living... so maybe it makes sense that he created a wonderland for himself filled with the toys he had never been able to enjoy. He was abused by one of the adults who was supposed to love him more than anything... so maybe it makes sense that he might feel more comfortable around children than adults. He went thru puberty with the world watching... so maybe it makes sense that he felt ugly and constantly tried to change how he looked to find the "right" way.

I'm not saying he was innocent of the charges because I have no way of knowing that. I'm not saying that he didn't become increasingly difficult for me to watch or understand because I think he was very disturbed. I'm not saying I would want Chloe around him because I so wouldn't.

But, I think you can take his circumstances in early life and his outcome at the end of his life and draw a conclusion that doesn't necessarily equate to pedophilia. If he did rape anyone, I would find that heinous and unforgiveable. And if someone falsely accused him of rape for money, I would find that heinous and unforgiveable, too.

At the end of the day, all I can say is that his life and his death are very sad to me. He was an incredible performer with severe emotional issues and I find that very sad.

And here are my 2 favorite Michael Jackson songs:

The Way You Make Me Feel
Black or White

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Anonymous said...

I think that he was changing his appearance because he saw his father in the mirror when he began getting older.....??????