Monday, June 1, 2009

Not Me Monday

Another blogger that I read often, MckMama has a fun Monday tradition: Not Me! Mondays - an opportunity to be brutally honest (and self-forgiving) about the ways we are splendidly imperfect Mommies.
  • I definitely did not take Chloe to school this morning with a wet diaper so that I could help her post her morning blog before we left this morning - nope, not me!
  • I did not just snuggle her back to sleep at 5am instead of getting up and making a bottle - not me!

This is going to be a fun exercise for me each week because I recently took a "What Kind of Mother Are You?" quiz and learned that I am "The Executive Mother." One of the struggles it lists is this one:

Self-criticism. Intensely committed and wanting to be equally competent at work and family, the ENTJ mother struggles to live up to her "superhuman" expectations for herself. She may find herself constantly assessing her performance, confident about what she did well but even more self-critical when she thinks she should have done more.

This is DEFINITELY one of the things I struggle with as a mother, as a wife, as an employee, as everything. So, tune in each Monday and watch me accept my imperfections with humor instead of with hand-wrenching.

1 comment:

LucieP said...

oh Not Me! will be great for you!
Snuggling instead of eating will (maybe) make her sleep longer!!!