Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Chloe Post: Reflections on Giving Rice Cereal a Second Chance

So, I've discovered that it's FOOD and not some weird version of my bottle that for some reason they won't give me IN my bottle. Thank goodness Mommy took advice from Grams about cereal preparation, or we might never have figured this out. (Let's be honest - I love the Blonde Lady, but she is a rookie). Grams assured Mommy that she could safely ignore the directions on the box (and in every parenting magazine she has consulted on this issue) and thicken up my cereal. It doesn't taste (or smell) as good as the food M&D are eating, but I'm getting there! Maybe Daddy will buy me a stromboli soon if I work through this rice cereal.

Mommy says maybe.

She says that I am becoming a little piglet. Yesterday, I was STARVING. I ate 27 oz of formula and a full serving of rice cereal (well, some I got from osmosis, but most made it into my mouth!). I've been really working hard in my walker, though. Athletes need more calories.

Anyway, I also caught on very quickly that the little green thing is the vehicle for receiving rice cereal. Daddy has taught me that I must be actively engaged with my feeding, so I was grabbing for the spoon to help Mommy get it to my mouth faster. She was surprised I caught on so quickly! (Note to readers: she has clearly never tried to get food from Daddy.)

After I inhaled the cereal, I knocked off about 3 oz of formula. Mommy thought I would be in a "food coma" after that. Boy, was she wrong! I had lots of energy for a rousing game of Duck and Ladybug and then Mommy and I danced in the living room to a Broadway soundtrack. I could tell that our dancing and singing really enhanced Daddy's experience as he was trying to read. I could just tell.

Anyway, I am revising my opinion on rice cereal. It's my path to strombolis and I give it thumbs up. Plus, I slept like the dead last night. I'm ready to wreck all sorts of havoc for Miss Stella.


Anonymous said...

Hey there Chloe!
Don't be too hard on the rookie (aka the blond lady.........remember Grams was a rookie once too! I know, hard to believe but it is true!Lots of kisses to my baby!

Anonymous said...

my granddaughter looks like that when I babysit her and blow my load in her mouth, never been sucked by a baby before I just wish it felt so good when my wife sucks me I am hooked, I can only last a few mins it feels so good