Monday, February 22, 2010

Chloe Post: Birthdays = Cake. And Dancing.

I had a fabulous weekend, but I am exhausted - I feel 50, I tell you! Or at least 5.

On Saturday night, Mommy and I got all dressed up to go surprise Uncle Don for his 50th Birthday! It was so much fun!! After I got done being shy, I walked around to the tables to greet everyone, sample their food (someone gave me a whole pretzel! SUCKER!) and DANCE.

Most of the time, people were holding me to dance, but I liked making up my own rules on the dance floor, too. There was this wood floor that is especially for dancing, so I turned circles and stamped a foot while everyone else was doing the Electric Slide.

This is not a picture of me, but Mommy said that Sam and Pattyanne looked so pretty and all grown up. They were talking about Big Girl things and Mommy said to them, "I just now realized that you are both adults." They laughed and let Mommy take their picture.

Here I am with Uncle Don! He was so happy to see me!

While I was dancing, I was using two spoons as part of my choreography. Pattyanne said I was so funny.

Here I am with Scott - I am refueling for dancing! I am going to be the Flower Girl for Scott and Sam when they get married next year! I don't think it's a paying gig, but I'm still looking forward to it.

Jeremy was a really good dance partner because he understands how important it is to spin me around and around and around until I laugh. Almost spun to the point of throwing up, but pulling back at the last moment. It's an important distinction.

Then, on Sunday, we celebrated Pattyanne's birthday.

Pattyanne's my girl. We hang.

In addition to having a keen fashion sense and good sense of humor, Pattyanne also has exquisite taste when it comes to cake. I never had ice cream cake before, but I liked it.

A lot.

After events at Aunt JoJo's house, the men typically retire to the couches for sporting events and naps and the ladies hang out in the dining room to take pictures of me. The table becomes my runway because if Tyra was looking for babies on America's Next Top Model, I think we all know who she would hire.


Birthdays rock. But, whew. I'm exhausted.

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