Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day from Chloe!

I know I am one day late, but I have been BUSY - way too busy to blog! But, I do want to wish all of my peeps a wonderful belated Valentine's Day. XOXOXO

On Saturday, Mommy and I left the house really early to go to a gymnastics class. We had a lot of fun - I especially liked climbing on these mats. Mommy isn't sure if we'll go back - it was fun, but I already know how to do some of the stuff that the older kids didn't. We realized that those other kids aren't trying to angle into a Panda room, so they don't have the same drive to compete. Mommy and Daddy said "We'll see."

Then, Mommy and I went to the mall... Mrs. P gave me a gift card to Build a Bear for my birthday and Mommy said that when you get a gift card, you go to the mall to pick something out. I didn't really understand what she meant. Mommy said, "I'm not sure about this Build a Bear place, Chloe, we'll figure it out together."

We went in and there was a wall of bears and frogs and things and underneath each animal was a bin full of unstuffed animal carcasses. I don't know what that word is, but Mommy was whispering it under her breath a lot. Mommy said she saw something similar on Criminal Minds, but it was about a serial killer.

Anyway, she showed me a couple of them and let me pick one and let me hold it. I loved it - it was a floppy eared bunny! Then, she pushed me around the store and showed me different outfits. I pointed to one that had a girl singing on it, but Mommy said she didn't know who that girl was and she probably has naked pictures on the internet that no one knows about yet and she is NOT trying to have all of that up in our house. So she showed me some skirts and blouses. I finally settled on a blue tu-tu with a peace sign shirt. Mommy said she would have gone with the pink plaid skirt with black cardigan, but "it's not my bunny, kiddo."

Then, she made me give my limp bunny to a lady with a very large machine who made my bunny all filled up! Also, Mommy plucked a heart out of the bin (not unlike Kali Ma in Indiana Jones, she said), and the lady made her kiss it and make a wish. Mommy said I should kiss it, too because "we're in this together, kid." So, I did and then the lady sewed up my bunny which Mommy thinks was probably in Saw.

Then, the lady gave me my bunny and I was so happy! Mommy brought us over to the "Dress Me" station and then said "The bunny gets dressed - just like Chloe" and then she put my new outfit on the bunny! I thought that was so funny - a bunny wearing clothes.

Then, we had to go over to the naming station to create Fluffy Bunny's birth certificate. Another baby was screaming during this time and Mommy muttered "I think crying means you shouldn't get to build a bear..."

I was starting to lose patience with this exercise, but Mommy told me to hang in there and gave me a yogurt melt. The check out lady gave us bows for Fluffy Bunny's ears and it only took me about 12 minutes to lose one of them.

Then, we went home to show Daddy my new bunny. He said it was the best bunny EVER and I agree! Thanks, Mrs. P!!

But, that only got us to Saturday at 10.45am. Stay tuned for Part 2 of the Valentine Weekend!!! My typist needs to take a break!

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