Thursday, February 4, 2010

That Kid is a Handful

She's totally cracking me up at this stage - she understands now when I say "Smile, Chloe" and she can point out her shoes, her baby doll, her hair. She can climb the steps in 30 seconds and she understands what you mean when you say "bring me a book, Chloe." She knows where the Yogurt Melts are, which room Daddy is likely in and how to see thru walls to find missing pacifiers. But earlier tonight, it became clear that she does NOT have control of balance. We were running a bath and while the tub was filling, she leaned forward to touch it, forgot that her head is heavier than the rest of her and she pitched in head first. Fully dressed. Christ. This is how babies drown!

This kid, I tell you.

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Jennifer said...

oh man! remember that story i told you about, about the grown woman who was still terrified of water? she did that same move at, like, 5 years of age or something, at an above ground pool (she jacknifed over the egde and had no way of pushing herself up and out). Luckily, she wrote that her uncle happened to catch her in there even while no one else at the busy backyard picnic did, and grabbed her out. can you imagine?