Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chloe Post: Reporting from the Snow Capital of the NE

Look at all this snow! There was so much snow that my school was closed for two days and Mommy and Daddy's offices were closed, too! We stayed home together and had so much fun... we read books and played with my toys and took naps. Mommy cooked lots of yummy food and we hunkered down to ride out the storm.

Daddy couldn't believe how much snow we were getting and kept saying, "They're lying! This is more snow than they predicted!" But, I think he was looking at this big pile that got much bigger because it had been a discard pile from the huge storm from last weekend. Daddy feels like all he's done all week is shovel!

I found a good place to hide from the storm, but Mommy made me get out. That Mommy! She says she has eyes everywhere and I'm beginning to believe her.

Oh, well - the party is over - back to school and work tomorrow... for one day, at least - and then: WEEKEND!

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