Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chloe Post: Part 2 of Valentine's Weekend

So, when last I left you, I was explaining that by 10.45 am on Saturday, Mommy and I had already "worked out," built a bunny and returned home. So, we hung out with Daddy and had some lunch before Mommy left to go see a play. Daddy and I then had an altercation. Sometimes, Daddy wants me to nap when I don't want to nap and I must get aggressive... so aggressive in fact that when Daddy came in, I was covered in wood shavings as I used my powerful teeth:

to chew into my crib and gnaw off splinters. When Mommy returned, they took turns freaking out about the number of splinters that may be in my tummy and the costs (financial, emotional, physical) of removing them at the hospital. Then, we all went to Babies R Us to buy a cover for the top of my crib. Heh.

On Sunday, Mommy and Daddy took me to brunch at Ruby Tuesday's where I perfected the sign for "MORE" because their food was yummy!! We had a really good time. Then, we returned home where they gave me a Valentine that has their voices inside it! Magic! Then, they thought I would take a nap. Boy, were they wrong.

After I resolutely would not sleep, M & D took me to visit with my aunts and uncles and everyone. Daddy was taking Mommy to hear the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber for Valentine's Day (which made Mommy VERY happy) so I got to entertain the relatives.

Here I am with Aunt Patty. She is my friend. We like to make funny faces at each other and I tried to share my phone with her by hiding it in her purse. I was going to walk around with that purse, but I couldn't lift it off the ground! Aunt Patty should be in the Olympics.

Here I am with Uncle Donny - he is SO silly! He tells me stories and makes faces to get me to laugh. He's really funny.

Here I am with Aunt JoJo's and Aunt Patty's Mommy. She is a Mom-Mom, too, but I have a Mom-Mom so I get all confused. But I like her a lot and she gives me lots of kisses.

Here I am helping - I pay my own way, man! Mommy and Daddy don't let me play in the dishwasher at home, but Aunt JoJo says I am a good helper and she gives me free reign!

MMMM!! Everyone said that I am a really good eater! Brooke gave me chicken, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes and green beans! They never even got my food from the diaper bag, because I was such a big girl eating big people food!

Whew! Valentine's Day is exhausting! Brianna and I took a good rest, because it was all too much! I had a lot of fun with everyone, though - Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!!

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grams said...

Hey there Chloe..tell daddy that he did very well for Valentine's Day!
Your mommy was so happy with her present!