Friday, April 9, 2010

Chloe Post: Badness

Today after school, Mommy said that we were going to go shopping for new clothes for me. We got in the car and I cried. We got gas and I cried. Mommy then drove the car into a box and large ribbons hit our car over and over and over again. I don't know WHAT the hell that was about. I stopped crying because I was intrigued... Mommy said "that wasn't worth my eight dollars" and then we drove on. And I cried. I was on my best behavior at Babies R Us because Mommy filled a big bag with pretty things for me and got me the next size of diapers like I was hoping she would. There were lots of pregnant ladies there. They were glowing and excited-looking. My Mommy looked tired and her hair was hanging in her face because she keeps forgetting to buy some pomade. She spent $93 at the BRU, but can't manage to spend $4 on herself for some pomade. But, anyway. Mommy decided that she was tired and instead of going home and "dealing with dinner," we would go to Panera. Thankfully, we ran into Auntie Lu and Adam and they helped Mommy as my behavior rapidly deteriorated. I was eating my grilled cheese until I realized there was yogurt for later. I wanted yogurt NOW. I was drinking my milk until I realized it was more fun to play with the straw. I wanted the straw NOW. Other people somehow didn't see how annoying I was and they continued to pay me compliments. I smiled at them. And laughed at Mommy and her silly little struggles. Then, she cleaned up because if I keep leaving a mess at Panera Bread, they will put a sign up with my picture and a red slash sign through it. Finally, Mommy said she had enough so we left. I refused to fall asleep on the way home. When we got home, I looked for Daddy but he was still at work, even though he had told Mommy an hour before that he was on his way home. At this point, Mommy had HAD IT. Which is different than having enough. Mommy still has to go to Acme because we are out of milk. And pomade. And Daddy is STILL not home even though we've been home for an hour. Mommy HAS to go out even though she is freaking exhausted because Daddy doesn't have a driver's license.

I wonder: after Mommy has had enough and then has had IT, what comes next???

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mom of two boys said...

OMG...I feel your paing...some of this is very similar to my day...only with the "teen-ager"; same story with the "daddy" - 2 hours late getting home and will be at work all day tomorrow - yes Saturday too...uugghh...and 2 hours on the phone with the cable people - problem still not fixed and then I have to wait around tomorrow for them to show up...uuugggghhhh - the woes of mommyhood.