Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chloe and Her Grocery Bag

There are three things that Chloe really loves lately that are all captured in these photos:

1) She loves to bring toys to the backdoor mat and hang out with me while I'm cooking.

2) She loves all purses, baskets, bags, pails, whatever - anything she can put over her shoulder like a big girl.

3) She loves bananas. A lot.

Aunt Rachel bought Chloe this grocery set that includes a shopping bag, as well as pretend groceries for her to "eat" and "buy" in her bag. She loves it!

She played with it again this morning while I was getting food ready for school and sharing some fruit with her. So she walked around with a real banana in one hand and the pretend one in the other... and would occasionally get confused over which was which when she went to take a bite!


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grams said... need to practice saying "shopping!"