Monday, April 5, 2010

Thanks for Visiting, Aunt Rachel

We heard a little bit ago that Aunt Rachel had landed in Jacksonville and is almost home. The time went by so fast! We had such a good time catching up, but it's a good thing we did our extensive (well, for one of us - good luck with that, Uncle Dave) shopping on Friday as the entire city of Philly (well, it felt like us) took Easter off! Alas, we were left to pizza and gelato and conversation - not a bad way to end a visit. :-)

Edited to Add:


A day or so ago we were talking about babies and bodily functions (don't ask, ok) and Rachel made reference to her nephew pooping in the tub as a baby. I said, "Oh, Chloe actually has never done that." And that witch Rachel said, "well, not yet."

Cut to five minutes ago.


Beth said...

Oh. Oh. Oh HELL NO.

I was "fortunate" (yeah, right) enough to experience that with my daughter too.


People who have kids should tell those of us who are contemplating having children about this kind of stuff WAAAAAAY before conception.


Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Yes - there should be a list of these things. Because a future that included cleaning up floating poo laced with cherry tomato bits NEVER even entered my mind when I was pregnant.