Saturday, April 3, 2010

Chloe Post: Peddlers' Village

Yesterday, Mommy and Aunt Rachel took me to Peddlers' Village for lunching and shopping, but first Mommy got me these cool bunny ears at Target. I am all ready for Easter!

Here I am at a bakery. I was such a good girl while we were out and about that Mommy let me pick out a cookie from this huge rack. I picked out one with yellow and white sprinkles - it was awesome! We had so much fun. Aunt Rachel and Mommy each bought me a new toy and they also took me to Giggleberry Fair.

Giggleberry Fair is very loud and has lots of shining lights. I was very confused. I watched a really pretty carousel and Mommy said I could ride this mini one. But, I didn't really like it - I preferred when it didn't move, actually. Then, we used our last token to play Skeeball. Mommy threw the balls and I touched them for luck. We won tickets, but Mommy said they could only be redeemed for choking hazards so we gave our tickets away.

It was such a busy day - we had a great time and tonight I'm going to a brew pub to meet Mommy's friend from Australia! Wow!

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