Thursday, April 1, 2010

Meet this Month's Featured Walker

Ambre is our featured walker this month. She hails from Dallas-Fort Worth and will be walking there in November. You can click here to donate to her walk.

Read more about Ambre over there on the right (look for the pink type).

Remember - the first person to make a donation (regardless of size) and then comment back on this post will get a prize!

To recap previous prizes: Aunt Jennifer will get a set of handmade thank you notes if I ever see her again and Grams received a set of handmade Easter cards to send to her peeps. (Get it: peeps are people but also fun Easter desserts.)

Go 3-Day!


grams said...

My "peeps" have already received there Easter cards and they LOVED them!
Also Grams will donate later this month 'cause I can't win again!
Kisses to Chloe xoxox

Jennifer said...

i can't win again either.