Saturday, April 10, 2010

Going to the Well

I firmly believe that to be a good wife, mom, worker, father, husband, son, daughter, whatever - you have to take time to do that which you do not do in any of those roles. I call this "going to the well" to replenish. For me, there are different wells - creative projects, walks by myself, spending time in an all-female (frequently Phi Sig) environment. I firmly believe that women have the power to re-charge each other. Today, I was really happy to once again represent Phi Sigma Sigma at the Philadelphia Area Alumnae Panhellenic luncheon. It was very fun and very relaxing... I did spend too much money on the raffle and silent auction, but it's all for a scholarship. So, I figure it's all good - a day with the girls and I got to contribute to someone else's future well.

As for this handful (this totally cute and adorable handful), she got to spend the day with Mom-Mom. There was fort-building, ball throwing, sit and spinning, smoothie drinking, whew. What a day. Chloe's own well has been re-filled and she's ready to wreak some serious havoc.

I would imagine that Mom-Mom will spend Sunday recovering.

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