Monday, April 26, 2010

Chloe Post: Party at the Shore

Panda and I really enjoyed visiting Aunt Diane and Uncle John at the shore this weekend! It wasn't warm enough for the beach, but we didn't care - it was fun anyway!

Mommy and Aunt Diane took me to the Cape May Zoo on Saturday. I especially liked seeing the ducks and the bison. There are lots of neat animals there - we had so much fun. We also went shopping in Stone Harbor and I got a sugar cookie. That was pretty neat, too.

But, I think the most fun part was going to the playground! Aunt Diane and I love the slides - we slid over and over and over again. I went down on my bottom, but Aunt Diane likes to go down on her belly! She is so silly! We said "Wheeee" and Mommy even let me go on the BIG slide all by myself! It was so cool!

This is the little girl slide. We don't have a picture of me going down the big girl slide because Mommy wanted both hands ready to catch me. Picture this slide, but BIGGER.

Aunt Diane and Uncle John have three cats - that's another good reason to visit them. I liked to wave to the cats and say "hello" so they would know I wanted to be friends with them.

Sometimes, they ran away, though - cats don't always understand how you are their friend. Aunt Diane bought me these neat bird toys that make chirping noises. You can bet Bella wanted to be my friend, then. She thought I had dinner for her!

Aunt Diane loves to cook, which means she has lots of toys in the kitchen. She has one whole cabinet that was big enough for me to climb into and it was filled with lots of these plastic stacking toys! I really liked to play with those while Aunt Diane worked hard to make us yummy food. She has this cool step which is now mine. I like to sit on it and also bang the lid. Over and over and over again. I am the only one who enjoys that, though.

I also had a lot of fun with Uncle John. There is no picture of me helping him do housework, mainly because everyone wanted their hands free to grab the drill away from me, but I was helping nonetheless. I didn't understand the hub-bub, actually. If Uncle John didn't want to share his drill with me, why did he put it on the floor? Everything on the floor is mine.

Anyway, we had a great time and they said I can come back again soon! I can't wait until it's warm enough for the ocean... so I can wear the new bathing suit Aunt Diane bought!

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grams said...

Hey there Chloe!
It looks like you had a GREAT time "down the shore". I agree, it is always fun at Aunt Diane's and Uncle John's......and the food is ALWAYS GREAT! I really like the pictures of you and panda and on the slide!
Kisses to my girl xoxxo