Friday, July 17, 2009

Chloe post: Back from Princeton (again)

Well, we're back (again)! This time, Patti and Mommy brought me to the dinners with Mommy's work people and I had a really good time. They wouldn't give me any food, but it was still fun. A bunch of ladies cooed at me and told me how pretty I am and said "Who is a good girl? Who is so pretty? Who is so big?" I knew they meant, "Chloe is!" so I smiled at them and layed on the drool and it made them so happy. They passed me around and told Mommy how much they missed their babies or how long it's been since their babies were my size. I was a very good girl and made Mommy really proud.

Patti and I had a fun time chillaxing at the hotel. I was working on my rolling over skills on the comfy bed. When we got home, I showed Daddy my new tricks and he said I even had more hair from the last time he saw me! I am growing up fast!!

Yesterday, Patti brought me over to the Foundation so we could pick up Mommy and say good bye to all my new friends. We got there before the meeting ended and I heard all this noise! Mommy's work people gave her a standing ovation for all her hard work! I was so proud of her - she's a good Mommy.

Then, we went shopping. Mommy said that well-behaved good girls get new clothes.

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Anonymous said...

Chloe...Grams here I would have to agree with you ...YOU DO HAVE A GOOD MOMMY! Kisses to both my girls!