Thursday, July 2, 2009

Chloe post: Regarding Oatmeal

Last night, I knew Mommy was getting ready to feed me rice cereal. She got the Bumbo seat and the bowl that rice cereal is carried in and the spoon that rice cereal is delivered with. We got all ready and she spooned it up... HAVE YOU TAKEN COMPLETE LEAVE OF YOUR SENSES, MOTHER? That is NOT rice cereal! That is... that is... wait. Oh, I rather like this! Maybe even MORE than rice cereal! Keep it coming, Mommy, keep it coming!

Mommy said that if I do well on this for a week, she will open the other box: Gerber Oatmeal with Banana!


Anonymous said...

bananas RULE.

Anonymous said...

Grams here.....1 word of wisdom....avoid strawberries!
xoxox to my baby