Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chloe post: Working in Princeton

Mommy and I just got back from Princeton the other day... we had to go for a meeting that Mommy was running for work and I got to have my first stay in a hotel! Patti took really good care of me while Mommy was working... along with some help from Great Aunt Joanne!

I mostly hung out and read my books and played with my toys, but I really liked it when Patti took me on walks. I also like sitting up like the big girl I am!!

Later, they took me to the Olive Garden, but they wouldn't even let me gnaw on a bread stick! That was mean! I might like bread sticks, but the only way to know for sure is to put them in my mouth. That's how I know I like the new bunny toy, my books, pillows... everything!

I definitely had a good time, but I missed my Daddy. I was really happy to see him on Thursday night. He gave me lots of kisses and said he missed all the sugar. I was happy to be home...

...but look out, Princeton, Mommy and Patti and I are heading back there on Tuesday!

PS. Gerber Oatmeal with Banana gets two thumbs in the mouth! Rock on!

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Anonymous said...

But Chloe dear.....where is your "power" suit?
xoxo to my girl!