Monday, July 27, 2009

Chloe post: Back from the Beach

Whew - what a fun weekend! We just got back yesterday from another fun weekend in Sea Isle with Aunt Diane and Uncle John. We also got to see Donna and Averie, so that was really neat, too.
I had fun in the ocean yesterday - I started to feel more comfortable and liked bending forward to touch the water. When I thought Mommy and Daddy weren't looking, I aimed a fistful of wet sand right into my mouth!! Unfortunately, Mommy is always looking and Daddy was warning against e.coli, so they wouldn't let me eat it. Sand tastes good! Humph. At least we are going to the pediatrician today to find out if I can eat veggies and fruit - I'm ready for variety!!

Aunt Diane and Uncle John, thank you for another fun weekend! Aunt Diane, I will see you on Thursday with Grams and Grandpa in Norfolk as the Chloe Summer of Fun tour continues!


Anonymous said...

Grams here...only a couple more days until we can play!
I know...we'll "do" lunch!
Kisses to my baby xoxox

Anonymous said...

Chloe...Grams here!Wanted to tell you that my friend BonBons loves to read your posts!She said you are getting so big!And she loves the photos of the 3 faces! See you Thursday!xoxox