Monday, July 20, 2009

Chloe post: Weekend wrap-up

I was incredibly busy this weekend. On Saturday, Mommy and I took a walk and then we went out to the pool. She took me swimming in the big pool! I didn't really understand what we were doing there, but I started to kick my legs a little bit and Mommy got really excited. She said that Grams and Grandpa are going to try to teach me to swim when we are in Norfolk with the Phi Sigs. She seemed happy I was kicking, so I kept it up. I didn't like it when she spun me around to show me what everyone else was doing - I was afraid she went away! And left me in the big pool! But, then Mommy spun me around and she was there again, so it was ok.

Saturday night, I had fun laughing at Uncle Donny telling stories - he is so funny! I made all the big people laugh so much that they forgot it was well past my bedtime.

Yesterday, we went to visit Aunt Jennifer at a craft sale and then we went shopping with Patti. I helped Mommy find a suit for convention. Well, not so much help as encourage her to SHOP FASTER, MOMMY, I AM READY FOR MY CEREAL. And then we went back to see silly Uncle Donny and Mommy finally fed me for the love of God.

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Anonymous said...

Chloe....I just got the cute birthday card you sent me! Love it..looking forward to getting you in the big pool with granpa next week. Kisses to my girl!