Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chloe post: Hey, Hey, I have a Monkey...

Sometimes, Mommy and Daddy do not understand about my simple, basic need to stand up and be a big girl. When that happens, I have to scream like a howler monkey and explain how they have aggrieved me. Frequently, they put me in the walker and then I'm fine... except in my exuberance, I knock the toys off and then I must scream until someone fixes it.

Also, I saw another baby with an Exersaucer and couldn't help but wonder, WHERE IS MINE??

So, the other day Mommy bought me this cool monkey toy that STAYS ON the walker tray. Daddy said "another toy?" and Mommy said "an exersaucer is $80 and this monkey was $8."

After I obsessively played with it for several hours, Daddy said "good call on that $8, Mommy."

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Anonymous said... you need an exersaucer?
Let grams know!!!
Grams here should I send 1?