Monday, July 20, 2009

Not My Child Monday

MckMama decided to change it up today and do a Not My Child instead of a Not Me Monday... after all, kidlets are just like Mommies - they aren't perfect either!

It was not my little angel who was screaming like a (wait for it), yes a HOWLER MONKEY at the Ann Taylor Loft while Mommy was trying to comply with the Phi Sig plenary rules. It was not Chloe who was screaming like a, well you know like what, when she was overtired and refusing to sleep last night when Mommy was exhausted. It was not my muppet who dressed herself too lightly so that she was freezing in the a/c because she kept kicking off her blanket... oh, wait, her Mommy helped out with that one. LOL


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

But she is a really adorable howler monkey!

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

I'm sorry to have deleted a comment, but we don't use last names on the blog for internet security. Thanks!