Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chloe post - Splish Splash

I am not at ALL sure how I feel about this. At school, Miss Stella is teaching us all about water since it's summer time, so Mommy thought it would be fun to take me swimming in the baby pool. I'm not sure I see the allure. It was cold; big kids were splashing and the little cups that Mommy brought with us to play with are lame toys that don't fit easily in my mouth. I didn't really get the point.
I fought the good fight for awhile, but when it became clear that Mommy wasn't going to take decisive action unless I fussed, I was forced to fuss. To her credit, Mommy acted quickly and got me dried off. I more enjoy playing with my adoring fans when at the pool. I don't think I really need the water.

This cute little boy, Eric, had fun playing with me. He is an uncle to nieces, even though he is a little boy, so he had lots of experience and understood the way I prefer to chew on my toys rather than really play with them.

Finally, I had to take a nap. I was so exhausted! There were other babies around, though, so I slept with one hand on Bunny so no one could steal him!

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Anonymous said...

grams here....this boy Eric has "experience?" Stay away...he is entirely too old for you.....why he's almost as old from you as Granpa is from me! Yikes!
kisses to my girl xoxo
Love Grams
p.s. See you in 3 weeks!