Monday, June 28, 2010


Now, that I'm able to charge my camera again, we have a couple of photos from StoryBook Land:

Chloe really liked the car rides - this Monster Truck one and especially the one with little individual cars that went around a big track. She liked moving forward - not so much with the up and down. In fact, there was one ride that freaked her out so much that I had the lady stop the ride (luckily, we were the only ones on the ride).

She also really liked riding the train with Grams - the train goes all thru SBL and lets you see parts of the park that you actually can't get to on foot. That was really cool.

This weekend, the bathing beauty and I were back at the Swim Club. Watey! Chloe was a really big girl - she went under three times (once, she counted off to go under) and never cried, plus she was blowing bubbles and trying to kick. We played in the baby pool, too, with her toys, but it was too hot! Full immersion!

"I am not too sure about this..."

Yeah, not so much. It made her float on her back and she kept freaking out, so we didn't use this much.

Here she is, stealing Uncle Fuzz's fruit. It's a good thing they like her.


grams said... glad you are back with the pic of you and Uncle Fuzz!
Kisses to my girl xoxox
BTW...had a fantastic weekend with you and Mommy & Daddy!

Anonymous said...