Monday, June 14, 2010

Chloe Post: Back from the Beach!

We are back from the beach and we had a great time! Aunt Diane and Uncle John are wonderful hosts and I had lots of fun with them, their kitties (especially Midnight who is my special favorite), Aunt Gretchen and Uncle Brian. We went for lots of walks, we played on the beach, I discovered scallops and ice cream sandwiches and enjoyed Aunt Diane's yummy baking.

Plus, I tan beautifully. Sadly, Mommy does not.

Daddy and I bunked together and we didn't leave any room for Mommy - she had to sleep by herself! I like to sleep horizontally. And right near Daddy. I'm sure he appreciated that.

Of course, one of the best parts was playing on the beach! Mommy got me these cool toys and I had lots of fun checking them out. There is a whole lot of watey at the beach, but it moves and is really big which is a little scary. Mommy tried to explain that it is not scary, but she doesn't know what she's talking about. I'll stick to the sand. At least for this summer.

The beach also has cute boys who run into the water with flotation devices and cute boys who sell ice cream. Mommy let me pick out an ice cream and I tried this ice cream sandwich. Ice cream sandwiches are REALLY GOOD.

I'm just FOOLING!!!!! I didn't really take a nap! Nope. Not me. I refused. But, I wanted to hang out with Aunt Gretchen (a lot) and I saw her lying on her tummy, so I thought I should do the same. Actually, Aunt Diane had to take me for a walk so that Mommy could catch a little nap... unfortunately, Mommy forgot to reapply! She got VERY sunburned and she said she felt so yucky that we couldn't go to the beach on Sunday, but that's ok. She and Daddy took me to a cool coffee house and got me some banana bread and then we went to the playground.

SLIDES! I love slides! There are other things there, but they mainly exist to hold up the slides.

I like to swing for about 30 seconds and then we went back to the slides - they are the best!


Mommy, Daddy and I want to thank Aunt Diane and Uncle John for such a fun weekend - it went by way too fast. I love the shore!


Heidi said...

Such a cute post! I always mean to let my kids "guest" post and forget. What a cutie she is!

Anonymous said...

MORE PIX OF DADDY. HE IS SO PHOTOGENIC! maybe not with bedhead, but whatevs...

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

Daddy IS photogenic - as soon as I force life back into my camera, we will take some Daddy photos.