Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Can't Find the Charger for my Camera

And it died when my mom and Chloe and I had been at StoryBook Land for only about 30 minutes. UGH. That was Saturday. So, no pictures of the James Taylor/Carole King concert last night (Happy Early Birthday, Mom!). My dad took a bunch of Chloe during the weekend with his camera, but he has not yet uploaded them. So, until I can either find my charger or get to Best Buy to get a new one (to share the few photos I did get), I have these two small ones from my cell phone. Oh, well.

The pregnancy is eating my brain, that's my only excuse.

Anyway, we had a great weekend with my parents. Chloe now says, "Cook! Cook!" when she sees my mother (since Grams always has cookies) and she's completely obsessed with Pah-Pah (which is how she says "Grampa"). What's interesting is that she says "Pop-Pop" very clearly when she sees Frank, but can't get the G sound, so my dad will have to be Pah-Pah.

Also, big kudos to the Hubs who is ROCKING our bedroom renovation project. And by "our" I mean that he is doing all the work, but I will sleep there, too, eventually, so it's mine, too. But, he's kicking serious booty. On Saturday while we had fun, he moved everything out of the bedroom by himself, removed the entire carpet and padding by himself, cut it all up and bagged it from the trash. By himself. In 90 degree heat. He is Hubs of the Year.


Anonymous said...

Good for Ed. Seriously. That's a tough job and I'm glad he used the opportunity of an empty house to get in THE ZONE. Sometimes that's the only way.
I don';t need pix of Storybook land, I just want to know what it IS. Never even heard of it. Then again, I'm a transplant to philly.

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

StoryBook Land is really cool - it's a small amusement park, but it's for little kids - no huge roller coasters or anything scary. It's pretty close to Atlantic City, it's open year round and the prices are reasonable. I just may be in love. And you know what's cool - my grandparents took Josh and I there!

Jennifer said...

Is this the place you and your cousins went some years ago? Maybe not.

And seriously, you have to try Smith Playhouse. The tot lot is the bomb. I was asking Sylvan, Darin's boy, about it last week and it turns out he'd been there the day before.

I honestly love the idea of it. A mansion just for kids to play. That's like....the best idea ever. Imagine growing up with that!