Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend: Captioned by Chloe

"These little flowers are fascinating. They smell good, they come right out of the ground without much prodding and they taste really good. Don't tell Mommy about that last part."

"Aunt Barb hooked me up with this tote filled with watey. I enjoyed it, but saw something out of the corner of my eye..."

"...More watey! Luckily, one of the big kids liked taking me in the pool. By 7pm, my lips were purple. I wanted to stay, but Mommy is so mean. She said we were done with the watey, so I did my protest pose and went limp and screaming. She said, 'ED, WE'RE ALL DONE. GET IN THE CAR. THANK YOU FOR HAVING US, BUT WE'RE ALL DONE. ALL DONE. TIME FOR BED. ALL DONE.' I think the heat was bothering her or something."

"The next day was fun, too - more watey! And lots of yummy snacks... it turns out that when you are my age, the adults think it's funny if you dip with your fingers instead of with veggies. SUCKERS."

"Cookies are good, too. C is for Cookie AND for Chloe."

"Ah, watey! For some reason, there are no pictures of me in the big pool, but that's ok - this baby pool was pretty fun, too. Sam is teaching me how to swim."
"This isn't my toy. But, I want it."


Jennifer said...

C is for cherry too!

We're SO doing Farm Days next year, Chlo-Chlo.

grams said...

Chloe...I love the last photo of the are TOO CUTE!
Seee you soon...kises to my girl xoxoxo

Heather and Ed and Chloe said...

There are cherries on the bottoms, too. On the back! Too cute!