Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It's Time for Ed to Hide My Copy of Steel Magnolias.

I have reached the point of pregnancy where television makes me weep uncontrollably. A repeat of House had me hysterical Monday night. I mean, I could not keep it together.

Ed: "But, it's just the television that's making you cry, right?"

Me: "Yyyyyesssss."

Ed: "What were you watching?"

Me: "H-h-h-owww-se."

Ed: "What happened?"

Me: "H-h-h-owww-se wuh-wuhs dddrunk annn-ann hee ccccalll..."

Ok, you get it. Suffice to say that when I described the episode, Ed nodded sympathetically with that look that said, 'I'm sure it would have made me cry, too, honey' which we all know is a lie. Anyway...

Ed said, "Well, that does sound really sad. Do you think maybe it's time for you to go bed?"

Me: "Yyyyyeessss."

Only 26 more weeks.

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