Friday, June 11, 2010

Chloe Post: The Road to Pancakes

If our new baby is a boy, Daddy wants to name him Gaius.

Mommy said no.

Daddy said that it's a majestic name.

Mommy said she didn't care.

Daddy said he loves the idea of his son being named Gaius.

Mommy said nothing was coming out of her with the name of Gaius, but Daddy can name our first pet that.

Daddy scoffed and continues to bring it up. ALL THE LIVELONG DAY.

Last night, Daddy said to Mommy that he wanted to go to IHOP for dinner to have pancakes.

Mommy said ok.

Daddy said, "Well, are you sure we have time?"

Mommy said yes.

Daddy was worried that Mommy wouldn't make it to card club on time and kept asking if she thought it would be ok because we could go another time.

Mommy said, "It will be fine. We'll go to IHOP."

Daddy said, "Are you sure?"

Mommy said yes.

Daddy said, "But are you sure?"

Mommy said, "YES. What my baby wants, my baby gets. We're going to IHOP."

Daddy said, "I want a son named Gaius."

Mommy said, "Too bad then that you're getting pancakes."

You know what they have at IHOP?




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Anonymous said...

and if he's a big baby, you can name him gaius maximus!

grams said...

and to make sure he has a middle about Gaius Tiberius Maximus!?